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Quote from my wife on the topic of beer mat gathering: “You are extremely disturbed!”

My wife hates coasters, but I still love her over everything. It has no wrong whatsoever, the passion for collecting costs a lot of time and money. The lids are all sorted and arranged, one or the other rare cover you have to buy it and the ride to the exchange meetings also cost one or the other Euro. But it still remains a hobby, even though I have other “assignments” in my life.

I am a teacher in Middle Franconia and my job is a lot of fun. I’m also doing sports, a bit scattered at the moment, some football, some table tennis, some baseball. 
I go every now and then to the club or to the Greuther, the main thing beautiful football and Bundesliga. Since July 2008 I’m the proud daddy of a little son, in 2010 we got another sweet daughter who gives us a lot of fun every day.